Remedies For Hemorrhoids

(First Remedy)

Simple Banana Porridge

Ingredients needed :

1) Bananas 250grams

2) Rice 50 grams 

3) Clean water 1.8 litres 

$) Some sugar to taste 

Preparation : 

Wash the rice, cut bananas, put into pot, add water and boil till it becomes Porridge. Add some sugar to taste. 


This porridge reduces body heatiness, lubricates intestines, helps with constipation & bleeding hemorrhoid conditions. 


(Second Remedy)

Aloe Vera + Apple Juice Blend

Ingredients needed :

1) Aloe Vera flesh 20 grams

2) 1 apple

3) 50ml water

Preparations :

Wash both aloe flesh and apple, remove apple skin, diced both aloe and apple. Put both into blender, add water and blend into juice. Add ice into a cup then pour juice in before consuming


Benefits :

This remedy has anti-inflammatory benefit and clears acne

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