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My dad passed this February 2022 due to Lung cancer. But doctor gave my dad 6 months to live from 2012 or 2013 (can't remember). Max 2 years if we were lucky. He started with some chemo drugs which really took a huge piece of his former self away. But it wasn't working and we were prepared for the worst. 

Long story short, I (my own opinion) believe Mae Nang Phim gave my dad an extra 8 years of a fully lived life. Because of Mae Phim, I came across a herb and decided to try it. What could we lose ? It was a common herb some manufacturers use to make drinks selling off in shelves of supermarket. 

Miraculously, the cancer cells remised. Doctors were left scratching their heads. My dad, after 2 years of taking the herb, was in the pink and he put on weight. Doctors said that it was unheard of for a 4th stage cancer patient. These modern drugs were stopped totally then for many years till "it's" reemergence 😔

It reemerge in 2021 and he was gone within a few months in his sleep. We were happy that my dad wasn't in pain for long.

Many more miracles with that one single herb I hadn't mention. I've since went back to my Chinese roots and read extensively since then. But to be on the safe side, I'll only share those prepared with everyday food. In this blog, I'll share some simple recipes with everyday common food source that's easily available for all type of common ailments or health problems. For people in the west, if certain ingredients are stranger to you, try to get from Chinatown of your area. 

But it'll be slowly & surely, I'll only choose those that I think that'll be easy for most, ingredients are of common everyday food, maybe some simple herb. Also to find or translate the English name (pictures if possible) for easy reference. So if its not working for you, just take it you learnt a new ancient tasty recipe. But I am pretty sure IT SHALL BENEFIT ALL  

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